Most (if not all) of us have asked others if the journey to becoming a doctor is worth it. Most of us have at least heard the phrases “medicine isn’t what it used to be” or “don’t do it.” In response, I would like to present this link:

Now, I’m sorry for putting you through Shia Labeouf yelling “Just do it” at you, but that’s the truth. As a dreamer, achiever, and a pre-medical student, it’s of no use hearing about obstacles and giving up. As a growing person, we should be trying to figure out the problems and coming up with solutions. A doctor, a hospital, and the whole healthcare industry is constantly changing. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s changing for the worse.

We used to see how the doctor’s standard image was as an advocate for their patient, always there to help. However, now it is becoming more so that there are multiple people as a team helping not just one, but several people. Some people may like that while some may not. Again, that doesn’t mean we become discouraged.

We need more physicians who advocate for their patients, but also are leaders for the healthcare industry. We are seeing an age where technology is being intertwined with healthcare in all aspects, and we must help make this shift a good one for patients.

This isn’t just a new topic; this problem has been around for some time, and medical schools have realized it. New departments, programs, and even new medical schools have tried to provide help. So, in all likeliness, your medical school experience will probably be different than how it used to be.

But wait! Is this a damper on your ambitions? As I pointed out, we need more advocates and leaders, people who embrace change and can use it to their advantage. So, we should be enthusiastic for this change! If you think about it, we are the generation that can control robots in surgeries! OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but you get the point.

To give a perspective, around thirty-five new residency programs/medical schools opened in 2015! From Mayo Medical School opening up a new campus in Florida to Yale University creating a new online PA (physician’s assistant) program, we can clearly see the repercussions in the medical field. There are more and more opportunities being created every year, but it is up to future leaders to take a hold of those opportunities and make the most of them. Speaking of leadership experience, while there only used to be five medical schools offering MD/MBA programs in 1993, that number has increased to 65 in 2014, with many residencies creating opportunities for management and leadership.

Further research can also show how a doctor’s job is encompassing a larger variety of tasks. However, if you still feel your true calling is to be a physician, if you still want a career that creatively challenges you every day, and if you believe you can help shape the future of healthcare, then keep on moving forward. I’m not saying to ignore criticism, but listen to it. Acknowledge it. Change it.