It is hard to be in large classes with your fellow pre-med, pre-dentistry, and pre-pharmacy students and not compare your scores on tests to other students. And then some students are amazing at the lab portion of the class and you feel like you are barely hanging on to the edge of the cliff. Many of us feel that way a lot of the time whether it be in our core science classes or electives. But at the end of the day, it does not matter how you stack up to other students if you are giving it your all.

I remember taking a Piano 101 class during my third year of college because I had a couple of credits to fill and did not want to fill it with something like Biochemistry. A bunch of the students in my class were first year students who had already had some piano experience and there I was with piano experience that included going to the piano store at the mall. The first couple of weeks of the class were really rough and I was struggling. I think the teacher at one point even gave up on me. During the midterm we had a song to play in front of everyone and I had one of the students teach it to me and what I meant by teaching is I just straight up memorized the song. While I was playing the song to my teacher she made me stop in the middle, asked me a question, and asked me to start playing the song from the middle. I could not play the song from the middle and I was really embarrassed. The next couple of weeks I went to see my teacher every office hours that she was around and asked everyone around me for help. By the time of the final, I was able to play three songs by actually reading the notes.


I spent a majority of the first part of the semester sulking and feeling bad about myself because I could not play the piano as well as the other students in my class. I let myself get overwhelmed and anxious which drove me to memorize the song. Instead of spending all of that time feeling bad about myself I should have been working on learning to read the notes. When I finally stopped worrying about others and started paying attention to myself is when I was able to do really well.


Sometimes it is hard because you feel like the gap between you and the smartest person is light years away. But what you have to realize is that you are not trying to become the smartest person in the class, you just need to do your best.