Trying to pursue a career in medicine is not an easy task and sometimes it can feel like your are playing the lottery with your chances. But the thing is, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure that your dream of medical school does not feel like playing the lottery. You can do well in your classes, do extracurricular activities, participate in research, shadow, and study hard for the MCAT. But the hardest part about your path to medicine is actually not the “things” that you need to do, but is rather making sure that you are determined and resilient in your desire to pursue medicine.

Don’t give up

It is relatively easier to give up on your dream to pursue medicine just because you did not score well on the MCAT. It requires far more determination and hard work to keep your dream of medicine alive by trying again. If you know that medicine is what you want to pursue, then to an extent, you should not give up on your dream. I know many students currently in medical school who are some of the smartest kids at my medical school that did poorly in college. These students pushed themselves and did not give up on their dream and now they will be doctors in just a little over a year. One of the students I know actually failed a couple of classes but knew that he wanted to pursue medicine so he studied really hard for the MCAT and did extremely well.

Try again

What is the worst that will happen if you just try again? Yes, you could fail but wouldn’t you rather know that you tried your hardest before giving up? Something I have learned through my years is that obstacles will come in your way and it is easy to be stumbled by them. The best of us get stumbled by those obstacles. It is what we do after we have stumbled that really shows our character. It is these experiences of stumbling that will actually provide the fuel for surpassing future obstacles. Obstacles are a necessary part of life. When you have fallen down from an obstacle, get up and try again. You may be surprised at how the obstacle is not as bad as you had originally thought it to be. So if you are struggling to keep your dream of medicine alive, think about it and see if you can’t find a way to revive your dream.