Even though it was a couple of years ago, I still remember being a premed student staying in during the weekends to study while everyone else was out having fun. Those days became months and those months became years and in that time we studied our lives away to survive being a premed. And because of those sacrifices and our commitment to our studies, we decided that we work harder than the rest of the world. We complain about how hard we work and we feel entitled to say that we study and work the most. I myself have been a victim of this type of behavior but I want to help remind you of the truth.

We are in full Olympic season right now and we are all watching every event intently hoping we do not miss out on anything. When you see these amazing athletes win gold, silver, or bronze do you think about the kind of rigorous training that these athletes go through to be at such a professional level? It is not just the winners who go through rigorous training, everyone goes through so much to participate at such a high level. Have you ever looked at how much they train and what their schedule looks like? If you thought that your life was hard, take a second to look up an Olympic Athlete’s training schedule and it will rock your socks off just reading about it. Many of the people who do train for the Olympics so many times do not even make it. Just imagine training for most of your day every day but never reaching that goal. That is exactly how many students feel about premed as they will work really hard to reach their dream of become a Doctor but so many students do not even make it to medical school.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that the situation you are in (being a Premed worried about the future because you do not know if you will make it to medical school after studying endless hours day in and day out) although unique to you, is a situation that so many people go through just in a different area. Next time you think that you are the only one that works hard, switch on the Olympics and admire the Olympians for how hard they have worked to get where they are and remind yourself that you work hard every day not to complain but to accomplish your dreams.