Premed Superstars

When I begin telling people that I wanted to be a doctor, I’m going to be honest – I panicked. I hadn’t actually completed all the things I needed to do to get into medical school, and it felt like I was taking on something that was much bigger than anything I had ever done before.

The Secret to Getting into Medical School? Stop Worrying About It.

Believe this overplayed saying. From the moment you declared that you wanted to become a physician to the things you tell yourself when things become challenging, you’ve heard the same thing:“Hard work pays off.”

How to Write Your Won Medical School Letter of Recommendation

Getting good letters of recommendation (LORs) is an important part of the medical school application process. Often, medical schools request that at least one letter is from a physician or other healthcare worker. For most pre-meds, this means having to ask someone who they might only have “shadowed” for a few times for a letter of recommendation; while an understood part of the application process, it’s still awkward to have to ask someone who barely knows you to write you a strong letter commending your qualities and capabilities.

Dear Freshman Self. 

I’m in medical school. In fact, I’m not just in medical school, but I’m also almost done with medical school. Just yesterday I submitted my residency applications through ERAS (the Electronic Residency Application Service), hoping that interview offers will soon follow.

Through the Ups and Down

Here are 5 ways to stay resilient during your pre-med and medical school years. Getting into medical school is hard. Once you’re there, however, the battle is still not yet fully won. You’ve worked hard to get there, and you’ll have to work hard to stay there.

The Future of Medical Technology

The recent technological boom has revolutionized our lives by delivering endless information to our fingertips. Advancements in medicine have led to increasingly efficient means of providing patient health and care.

Feeling Stressed? Try Talking to Yourself in Third Person

“Madison will do better next time.” “Madison will not let anyone discourage her.” If you were Madison and were to talk like this to yourself, it might feel a little strange. But, don’t be so quick to judge because there might be a really good reason to start — especially if you were to ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed and need to clear your head.

Will You Go All The Way? Getting into Medical School is Getting Harder. Here’s How to Create a Personal Brand for Getting Admitted.

When I began telling people that I wanted to be a doctor, I’m going to be honest – I panicked. I hadn’t actually completed all the things I needed to do to get into medical school, and it felt like I was taking on something that was much better than anything I had ever done before. What saved me was thinking about things differently and taking on the challenge of building a “brand” for myself – my own personal brand. Then I realized, this was probably the best think I could do for myself and give me the opportunity to go through an exercise that would force me to be extremely self-reflective. In the end I realized that the things that made me stand out from everyone else are the things that would ultimately make me shine as a medical school candidate. Here are a few reasons why it’s very necessary, to have a personal brand if you’re a millennial premed.


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