The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has agreed to help Malaysia develop a four-year private medical school and teaching hospital, according to a press release issued by the school.

Acting largely as consultants and advisors to the Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine, representatives of Johns Hopkins University School of  Medicine will assist with the development of every major aspect of the new
medical school, including medical education programs, campus design and facilities planning, and clinical affairs.

In addition, Johns Hopkins will guide academic development and will serve as a consultant on other key components, including the teaching environment and infrastructure, administration, and student affairs.

“It is a great privilege to be able to assist Malaysia with the establishment of its first private graduate medical school and teaching hospital,” says David Nichols, vice dean for education at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. “Not only will this collaboration have a transformational impact on the quality of medical education, research and health care delivery for Malaysia and the region, but it also will bring a wide range of benefits to the university, departments, faculty and staff here in Baltimore.”

The school, to be called Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine, plans to open its doors in Fall 2011.