A federal judge has ordered that Case Western Reserve University award one of its students a medical degree despite the school’s claim that the student was “unprofessional.”

The student, who had successfully completed all MD requirements and was accepted into a dermatology residency program in Columbus, was informed just weeks before graduation by CWRU that he was being expelled. The reason – the university learned that the student had been convicted of a misdemeanor DUI and in turn took action.

“The School of Medicine places a great deal of emphasis on a student’s attitude and behavior, including the student’s ability to act as a caregiver, a student’s ability to take responsibility for his actions and mistakes, and a student’s ability to act cooperatively as a member of the health care team.” the school wrote in a court document. “The School of Medicine recognizes that the adequately protect the health of a patient, a physician must be much more than a person with knowledge of the basic medical science.”

However, despite it’s decision to take action, CWRU recommended the student for a residency and sent him a letter stating that he would graduate with distinction for his research skills. According to the press release announcing the courts decision, the student “enrolled at CWRU in 2009 after graduating from the University of Michigan-Flint with a 4.0 gap and a triple major,” according to court documents. “Ultimately, CWRU denied [the student] a diploma because it believed he should have reported an out-of-state arrest and prosecution for driving while impaired that had not yet concluded and despite provisions in the handbook that did not require an arrest to be reported,” the judge wrote.