ZoomInterviews has launched a website to help students applying to medical school prepare for their admissions interviews. The new website, Zoom Medical, provides users with full-length videos of interviews featuring students from top-tier medical schools. Students can get a sense of what types of questions they will be asked and have a more informed idea of the best ways to answer certain questions. By getting an insider look into what a strong interview is like, users will get the chance to see how students admitted to some of the best medical schools in the US craft their answers to questions. Moreover, students will get the opportunity to practice fundamental interviewing skills and utilize the interview techniques appropriate for a medical school interview.

Throughout each interview video, users can view comments and tips pertaining to each specific interview. In addition, Zoom
will offer expert analysis of each interview as well as a follow-up to the interview to discuss the ups and downs, highs and lows of each interview.

“We’re giving applicants a chance to watch how actual top-tier med students  answer the same interview questions that will likely be asked in their own interviews,” said Stefanie Parks, Marketing Director for ZoomInterviews. “This is a valuable learning tool for prospective applicants that will significantly raise their preparedness going into their med school admissions interviews. Zoom is very pleased to be offering a resource to aspiring physicians that has never before been available. ” The website also provides answers to additional questions to give users a clearer understanding of why certain questions are asked and how to develop personal ideas in order to help formulate the best answer to questions.

While ZoomInterviews does charge for use of its services, a free 30-day full access subscription is provided to any applicant who has received an admission fee waiver. ZoomInterviews is a website that is designed by medical students for students aspiring to become  medical students. “As far as preparation for med school goes, there is nothing like this out there,” said Misha Medvedev, one of ZoomInterviews co-founders. “Zoom Medical provides applicants with a completely new way to prepare for their med school admissions interviews by allowing them to essentially sit in on an interview that could be very similar to their own.” For more information visit the website  medical.zoominterviews.com.