Marshall University and the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine is now accepting applications for a new accelerated BS/MD program, according to an announcement made by Dr. Joseph Shapiro, dean of the School of Medicine.

The most excited part of the announcement is that students who successfully complete the undergraduate part of the program will have their medical school tuition waived for four years.

“Marshall is dedicated to developing a physician workforce for this region,” Dr. Shapiro said.  “One of the ways we can facilitate that goal is to create programs that attract our state’s best and brightest.  This accelerated program allows us to place those highly performing students on a fast track to medical education.”

The program, which is designed to allow students to earn a BS and MD degree in seven years, is open to students from West Virgina who are considered academically qualified. Additionally, students will not required to take the MCAT if they successfully complete the undergrad requirements of the program. Admission requirements include a minimum ACT of 30/1330-1350 SAT and an ACT math score of 27 or SAT equivalent of 610, a cumulative high school GPA of 3.75 on a 4.0 scale, three letters of recommendation and an on-campus interview.

“Both Marshall University and the School of Medicine realize the importance of providing unique academic programs that tap into what students need and want,” said Jennifer T.  Plymale, associate dean for admissions at the School of Medicine. “By working with our recruiting and admissions colleagues on the main campus, as well as the College of Science and Honors College, we were able to identify an educational niche and create a joint program that is tailor-made for West Virginia students who want to pursue a medical degree.”