Physician shadowing program achieves a number of goals, according to an article published in the Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society.

The Alumni/Student Pre-Med Shadowing Program, which is available to students at Hendrix College in Arkansas, was started as a way to help students who were applying to medical school connect with physicians in Arkansas who were also alumni of the school.

“Our thought was that a shadowing program would be a good way for Hendrix pre-med students to get exposure to different fields of medicine with help from alumni practicing in those fields,” said Dr. Hayden Franks. “The idea also represented a way to help alumni physicians reconnect with their alma mater.”

The program pairs pre-medical students with working physicians in various specialties. Like other programs which foster the relationship between physicians and medical school wanna bes, Hendrix College’s shadowing program offers students an outstanding opportunity to get a first=hand look at a career in medicine. According to the article, the first year of the program saw 51 students who were matched with 32 doctors in the area and the rate steady, with 55 students and 40 doctors being involved most recently.

One student, Ples Spradley, who participated in the program for multiple years had quite a positive experience while participating in the program. “Shadowing confirmed that medicine is a field that requires constant learning. That is exciting to me,” said Spradley. “In each experience, I noticed the caring nature of the physicians during interactions with patients and witnessed relief and comfort on patients’ faces when they received good news from their doctor. The common them  was an intellectual, challenging environment with caring people who make meaningful differences in the lives of patients.”