Texas Tech University (TTU) has announced that it will offer students the opportunity to earn a JD/MD degree. The JD/MD program is designed specifically for individuals interested in the areas of health law, health care policy, bioterrorism, forensics, or biomedical compliance. While earning both degrees typically requires seven years of study, TTU’s new dual JD/MD degree program is a 6-year program in which students are required to complete 78 hours of the law school curriculum during the first two years of the program and spend the remaining four years following the school’s medical school curriculum. Students are evaluated separately by each school using their own specific admissions criteria and then are considered for admission to the dual degree program.

“The joint degree will appeal to students who are interested in integrating public policy with their medical work, working with foundations, and getting involved in organizations that provide and promote health care,” said Jennifer Bard, Alvin R. Allison Professor of Law and director of the JD/MD program. “The program will also be useful to students in their individual practices, such as forensic medicine.” TTU and the Health Sciences Center join about 20 American universities offering the combined degree. Baylor College and the University of Houston Law Center were first in Texas to offer the program, but TTU is the only university nationally to offer it at one institution.

For more information about TTU’s JD/MD degree program call (806) 742-3990 x 255, or visit www.law.ttu.edu/acp/academics/jdp/md.