It doesn’t matter how much practice you have with scientific documentation; there is always space for refinement as long as you are committed to become a more productive and persuasive writer. College and university professors emphasize medical writing as an essential skill that all successful students should obtain.

Although it’s not easy to write great papers, you can always make the work easier with the following 10 tools:

Grammar Handbook

You are not sure about a particular grammar or syntax structure in your essay? You will find the answer in this resourceful handbook, which makes even the most complex grammar rules easy to comprehend. Check out this tool.


This website may be your salvation when you simply cannot complete the paper no matter how hard you try. The professional team of writers covers all areas of study, so you can get real assistance by people who have a relevant base of knowledge in the niche. .

Evil Editor

It’s hard to write an essay, but it’s even more difficult to edit your own work. The Evil Editor will tell you which mistakes you should fix before submitting the paper. The editing process shown through practical examples will help you understand why every piece of content needs to be fixed even if it seems fine at first. Check out this tool.

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography

Speaking of references, you need to learn how to format them properly. The website of Cornell University Library features a comprehensive guide that will help you understand why the annotated bibliography is an important part of your paper. In addition, you will find practical examples of APA and MLA references. Check out this tool.


A plagiarized essay is the worst paper you could submit. Colleges and universities have strict standards for uniqueness and each student is expected to comply with them. Use this plagiarism checker to find out if you followed a source too closely without referencing it. Check out this tool.


You may end up with lack of information about the particular topic even after you conduct an in-depth research. The Quora community is an incredibly useful resource in such situations. You can use the search bar to find elaborate answers associated to your topic, or ask your own question. Check out this tool.

Internet Public Library

Your professors insist on using library resources, but you aren’t always willing to spend days in the library. You don’t have to; this search engine enables you to locate reliable information that you can safely use to write an impressive essay. Check out this tool. Check out this tool.

Writer’s Digest    

Learning from established writers is the best way to improve your own skills. At this website, you’ll find great tips, guides and prompts for creative and academic writing. Read an article every day and implement the things you learn into your writing style. Check out this tool.

Write to Done

This blog is useful to read when you need inspiration to write a creative essay. The founder’s goal is to make you a better writer by showing you what skills you should practice. The writing prompts are a great foundation for your regular practice. Check out this tool.

Google Drive

You still haven’t found the perfect platform for writing essays? This is the one. You don’t have to worry about losing your content; Drive saves it as you write. Then, you can access your documents from any device connected to the Internet. Check out this tool.

Now that you have the tools, it’s time to write. You can become a much better essay writer if you start using the right tools, but they cannot do all the work for you. As a committed student, you need to make an effort to complete the papers with excellence. The best advice is to give yourself enough time if you want to write the content in a relaxed state of mind.