How do you prepare for a full-marathon? Preparing for the MCAT is very similar. One has to start quite some time before the exam and put in sustained efforts till the exam day. While the time available every day is less, if utilized productively there is sufficient. San Francisco is one place which offers locations to study and prepare for MCAT well. What if I say you can do it sipping your favorite coffee? Here our my top picks for the best coffee shops in San Francisco to prepare for the MCAT:

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Here are some extra tips for studying for the MCAT:

  • Begin studying at least 6 months prior to the actual exam date
  • Start with an online practice test
  • Plan to have exposed yourself to all topics for the exam at least 3 months into your preparation.
  • Determine your strengths and weakness for all the topics
  • Devote extra time to your weaknesses and at the same time, keep your strengths polished
  • 1 month before the exam, stop reading any new topics and shift your focus to finalizing your exam strategy
  • Attempt a practice test on a regular basis; analyze the mistakes you commit in the practice tests as soon as you finish with it
  • The day before the exam should be spent in relaxing