Eat Healthly

Many students during finals week use the excuse of stress in order to eat poorly and not eat their normal diets. This is a terrible idea because although those cheesy french fries and mozzarella sticks taste and look really delicious they will not energize you instead they will make you feel more exhausted. Fatty foods have a tendency to put us in a slumber whereas fresh fruits, vegetables and good protein provide us with the necessary energy to stay motivated and study.


Everyone deep down knows that it is a good idea to exercise because it helps with blood flow and produces endorphins which make us happier. But for some reason making that first step towards the gym is always such a hard one. The best way to stay committed is to head to the gym instead of taking that nap. You may think that you need to snooze to get more energy but you might be surprised how much more energy you have after hitting up the gym.

Give Yourself a Quick Break

Sometimes in the middle of a final we get stuck in a spiraling sense of doom and it is hard to pull yourself out of it. A good way to displace yourself from the test situation is to give yourself a quick mental break by closing your eyes. Some people like counting down from 10 because the numbers distract them.

It is Not The End of the World

For some this is an important realization because to some level they decide that this test will decide everything and if they do not do well it will be the end of the world. Those insecurities come alive and become difficult to control during an already high stress environment.

Come Up With A Technique That Works For You

Practice good test taking techniques prior to the final in order to build better habits. The more you practice, the more natural those techniques will come to you during the final.

Find a Question That You Know The Answer To

Many times during a test we become anxious because we run into a bunch of questions that we do not know the answer to. This happens to everyone and almost everyone forgets all of the questions they did know the answer to. The best thing to do in this case is to find a question that you feel confident about and answer it. This helps to build your confidence and allow you to tackle questions that you may not have been able to before.