A lot of times when starting to study for the MCAT a lot of people will consider how many chapters, number of questions, or practice tests that need to be done before taking their test. What many peopleforget is that there are other things that influence your ability todo well on the MCAT. If I could do it all over again, these are thethings I would change.

Make a realistic study schedule

Initially, when you are about to start your block of studying, you willdefinitely be more ambitious than you will be toward the end of yourstudying. This is important to recognize because you don’t want toschedule studying 5-10 chapters of studying per day in the last weekbefore your test. You want to keep a “lighter” study schedule thelast week because you will be burnt out or you will be catching up.The worst thing is for you to go into the test not feeling wellprepared which is what you will feel if you aren’t able to completewhat you wanted to. This is a great proactive way of making sure themorning of your MCAT is not stressful. If you feel confident andready to take the test you will do much better than if you do notfeel confident. The way you build this confidence is by making astudy schedule and really sticking to it throughout your studying.

Have a strong support system

Honestly, you can get really far just by having someone motivate you and tellyou that you can do it. I remember not being able to sleep well thenight before my exam and I ended up getting one hour of sleep. I wokeup that morning frantic and my Dad called me and helped calm me down.His faith in me and hearing him say that everything would be okayreally pushed me and with the help of caffeine I was wide awake forthe whole test and ended up doing just fine.

Enjoy what you learn

It is an odd thing but with a high-stakes test like the MCAT it is easy to lose sight of the larger picture. The larger picture is that you would like to get into medical school so you can become a doctor.Your life will be surrounded by learning so you might as well startenjoying what you are learning. The more interested you become in the information that the MCAT tests you, the easier the test will become.An example is watching a movie that interests you versus one that youdon’t have any interest in. You will most likely remember details ofthe movie that was interesting to you rather than the one that didnot interest you. So find a way to make the information interesting to you because then you will remember it.