A little over a week ago, we saw Sam Smith win four awards at the Grammy’s. He beat out some very talented artists such as Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Many people have been wondering how Sam Smith has had such a successful year. When asked about his music recently he stated, “It was only when I started to be myself that the music started to flow and the people started to listen.” And this is a really important lesson for anyone in the process of filling out medical school applications.

Be Yourself On Your Applications

I remember hearing this as advice and thinking what does that even mean? I thought that if I act like myself then I definitely would not be getting into medical school. The reason people give this advice is because they mean don’t try to act like something you aren’t. An interviewer can tell if you are being genuine and the same thing is true about your applications, it is really easy to tell if you are trying to show off. Just be true to yourself and paint an accurate picture of yourself on your application. Medicine is not about being the smartest person and medical schools are not looking for just that. They want to see the combination of someone who is hard-working, genuine, intelligent, and cares for other people. If you think about it, Sam Smith wasn’t just giving advice to future artists, but rather to everyone out there trying to reach a goal.

Your Personal Statement Should Be A Reflection Of You

At the end of the day, it does not matter whether or not your personal statement is talking about your shadowing experience in a village in Africa, a dance recital that changed your life, or any life-changing experience it just matters how you convey your experience. If you are able to effectively relate an experience about your journey in discovering your desire to pursue medicine then it does not matter what you write about. People will listen if you take the time to tell people your real story. Many people think that medical schools want the best of the best and will only accept you if your personal statement “shows off” all your talents. This is not true it is actually the opposite. All of your talents and extracurriculars can be written in their respective section but the personal statement is the time to showcase something about yourself that was either not highlighted in your application or was written in your application but requires more attention. The personal statement is your one chance to reach out to admissions committees and explain to them why you are different and Sam Smith did just that this year and ended up with four Grammy’s.