Miley Cyrus is known for her outrageous outfits especially this year at the Video Music Awards (VMA). Many people were talking about her outfit not only during the VMAs but even days after she continues to be one of the most talked about celebrity in Entertainment news. A cursory look may make you think “if I want to be remembered then I should learn from Miley Cyrus and make sure that my medical school application is also outrageous.” Logically, this may make sense but let us dive a little bit deeper.

What Are People Actually Saying About Miley?

Well for starters, although they are talking about her, are they remembering her in a positive or negative light? Yes this is a controversial topic as some people are admiring her valiant efforts while others are saying her clothing choice was completely inappropriate. Although some people are giving her positive remarks, there are just as many or more people who are viewing her clothing as a negative choice. Undoubtedly, she was trying to set herself apart from other celebrities at the 2015 VMAs with her clothing…or lack of clothing.

What Does This Have to Do With Getting Into Medical School?

Trying to set yourself apart from other medical school applicants is a good thing but trying to set yourself apart so much that you become controversial is not something I would recommend you do on your applications or during your interviews. You can be unique without going overboard which is important to always keep in mind. Medical Schools are not looking for students who are so unique that they may not fit in with the rest of medical school class. Be yourself and do not focus too much on trying to be different from everyone else because undeniably you already are different from everyone else.

Let us also take a look at some of the big winners of the 2015 VMAs: Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar. Most of us are saying “of course Taylor Swift was one of the big winners,” but why are we actually saying that? Her music is great and she stays true to herself. Well there is the answer for you for medical school applications. Your application is most likely solid, most student’s applications do indeed have a good mix of extracurricular activities, research, good grades, and good MCAT. Your solid application is like Taylor Swift’s music being great. Now the only thing that is left is staying true to yourself. Acting like someone you are not will most likely show on your applications or during your interviews. So have confidence in yourself and let your personality shine rather than putting on an outrageous outfit in order to leave a lasting impression. Let your lasting impression be your personality.