Juggling a busy work and social life? Wondering how you are going to fit in PTCB exam preparation? Well, you may soon be in luck. How easy would it be if you could simply download an app to squeeze in some PTCB exam preparation on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. One of the easiest ways to become familiar with the content included on the PTCB is with flashcard study tool right at your fingertips. Turn fifteen minutes – during your lunch break, while riding on the train, or just before going to bed – into a perfect opportunity for a study session with Sprockit’s Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam Prep application for the iPhone and iPod touch. There’s no shortage of PTCB preparation apps, but Sprockit’s PTCB offers a useful and effective way to complement your existing study plan. With over 1,000 flashcards, this app was designed to make it easy for you to learn the information you need to know, review what you already know, and learn from your mistakes.

Quick Overview:

  • Purpose: How well does this app help students prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).
  • Price: $2.99
  • Type of tool: Flashcard-style format
  • Topics covered: Abbreviations, Dosage, Drug, Law, Math, Practice, Top 200 drugs
  • Developer: Sprockit, Inc.

Purpose of App Review:

To review utility of the app for preparing for the PTCB.

User Interface










The Home screen gives you access to all the features of the app. The bottom toolbar gives you the options of Flashcards, Store, About, and More sections. The top toolbar tells you where you are within the app, gives you a filter option for the entire deck of flashcards, and options for each flashcard. When using the iPad, the bottom of the screen has a button which controls a ‘zoom’ function. Using this feature you can switch between a ‘normal’ view (1X) (i.e a view similar to an iPhone or iPod display) or a zoomed view (2X). While the idea for this option would make the iPad experience more optimal, the 2X view appears slightly pixilated.










If you tap on the filter icon, a vertical menu appears to display the Flashcard subject areas, such as abbreviations, dosage, and drugs. The About and More choices that appear on the bottom of the menu, when selected, do not appear within the deck of. You can select one or all subject areas you would like to cover and then tap the filter icon to return to the deck of flashcards, which will now contain less or more flashcards depending on your previous selection. At the top of this menu, you can also choose to turn on or off the “Flagged” option which when turned on displays flashcards that you have personally flagged (i.e. flashcards you may have answered incorrectly).










If you tap on the options icon a menu appears on the bottom to display 3 Flashcard options: ‘delete the card,’ which will permanently delete the visible flashcard from the deck; ‘add new card,’ which allows you to create their own card inputting a question and answer to the question, and assigning the new card to an existing category or creating a new category; or ‘edit this card’, which allows you to edit the text on the actual flashcard (question or answer).










You can shuffle between flashcards in sequential order by simply swiping the screen from left to right or vice versa to move forward or backward within the deck. Then, tapping the flashcard will flip it over to reveal the answer to the question and tapping it again will flip it back over to the question side. Each flashcard also has a flag icon which, when selected, turns red and can be later viewed via the above-mentioned filter option when the flagged option is turned on.










In the Store section, there are three .99 cent in-app purchase options: Multiple Choice Quiz prepares a 20 question quiz from existing content to help solidify your knowledge; Shuffle allows you to shuffle the flashcards, so content is presented in a random order ever time; and Add New Category allows you to create custom categories for new flashcards added. While these in-app purchases are great, make the user experience that much better, and only cost under a buck each, we think they should be free.










The About section gives you a basic over of the app, offers a simple explanation of how to use it, and gives information about the developer. You are also encouraged to contact Sprockit Education with any comments or suggestions about the app via the suggestion box under the More section. And oh yeah, the developers want you to keep you motivated and remember that knowledge is power!

Subject Areas Covered

  • Abbreviations: 182 questions
  • Dosage: 35 questions
  • Drug: 36 questions
  • Law: 45 questions
  • Math: 55 questions
  • Practice: 451 questions
  • Top 200: 200 questions

Based on the question distribution, close to half of the flashcards are practice questions. This group of practice questions provides you with the chance to experience the ”look and feel” of exam content and the opportunity to become familiar with the question structure and content. The next largest group of flashcards you’ll find is in the Top 200 category, which is perfect for reviewing the brand and generic names of the top 200 prescription drugs. And although the number of flashcards covering dosage, drug, law, and math, the number provided are still substantial given that the entire exam is only comprised of 90 questions in total. The flashcards for these sections also cover key components of the exam including but not limited to Pharmacy Law and Regulations (Law), Medication Safety (Abbreviations), and Medication Order Entry and Fill Process (Math).

Price: $2.99


  • Ability to look at content as flashcards
  • Ability to look at content by subject
  • Flashcard flag option and feature to turn on/off flagging filter
  • Robust set of practice questions and top 200 drug flashcards
  • Substantial set of abbreviation review flashcards
  • Ability to delete, add, or edit flashcards
  • Multiple Choice Quiz


  • Seeing About and Comments as options on subject menu
  • Limited questions for Drug category. Drug interactions is a topic and makes up a portion of the 13% of the Pharmacology for Technicians knowledge domain for the exam.
  • Zoom-in feature which created a pixilated view
  • Shuffle feature not include and only offered as in-app purchase.
  • Unavailable for android devices

Students that would find this app useful:

  • Pharmacy technicians seeking a useful and effective tool to prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE) and gain certification with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam Prep app provides quick access to rote quizzing of subjects and topics featured on the PTCE. The app allows you to review exam content in a user-friendly flashcard-style format, and allows you to create your own customized experience by way of various options designed within – this feature certainly will extend your use of the app over time and you progress through your study plan.  The PTCB Exam Prep app is developed by Sprockit, Inc. and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  You can access the app here.

PreMedLife recommended?

  • Yes, for the number of practice and top 200 drug flashcards included.
PTCB® (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) is a registered trademark owned by PTCB, Inc.,. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by PTCB.