We are looking for contributors who are interested and excited to join the PreMedLife community.  If you would like to showcase your writing talents and express yourself to our student readers – join our writer community. If you think you can offer your fellow premeds advice, tips, or inspiration from your personal story – bring it on!

The pre-med who has experienced enough setbacks to write a bestselling member. The pre-med who didn’t do things the “traditional” way and is now applying to medical school. The pre-med who didn’t let the haters get to their head, but took control of their journey, set out on the right tract, and is a success story. The pre-med who attends school by day (or night), and still has to work a full-time job or take care of a child. The one who’s doing what’s necessary to get into medical school, one determined step at a time. If that’s you, then we want to hear from you.

PreMedLife also welcomes guest “expert” contributors who are medical students, practicing or non-practicing physicians, medical school admissions consultants, medical school committee members, and other medical school faculty (i.e. deans, directors). This is a unique opportunity to engage this community of premed students by submitting content on any topic related to medical school admissions, making it through medical school, life after medical school, and much much more!  We look for original (never before published) content that covers “how to” tips and advice to help our pre-medical readers become the best medical school candidate possible. Alternatively, we have a ton of story ideas waiting in the wings if you would rather go that route. Once submitted, your piece will be reviewed and edited for PreMedLife magazine, our website, and syndicated on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re looking for content from

  • Pre-med students (medicine, nursing, dental, pharmacy)
  • Current medical students or residents
  • Practicing physicians
  • Academic personnel
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